About Us

Our Story

We have long aspired to dress everyone in the best of fashion and in 2017 we gave new wings to this dream by setting up FABURA INTERNATIONAL. You may very well call us your styling expert offering a range of wardrobe delights in the form of Saree, Suits, Lehenga, and more. Not only ethnic extravaganza, we also bring for you the best of western fashion, showcasing with exuberance our amazing variety in Jeggings, Tops, Shirts, Gowns, Skirts, Jeans, T-Shirts, and more. No more facing dilemmas in styling yourself in the best of fashionable clothes is what we promise to you, every day.

Our founder and guide, Mr. Bilal Khan have continually motivated us and it is his winning attitude that has crested our position among leading Indian garment manufacturer, trader, supplier and exporter. Our export track record is quite commendable and we enjoy patronage of many clients from GULF & USA today. Matchless products, express delivery and above-and-beyond customer assistance & service are a few factors that aptly underline our love for fashion and our undying commitment & loyalty towards our customers.

Manufacturing Excellence

Our manufacturing facilities are world class and our talents are diverse. We not only take pride in the fact that we have a good eye for what modern-day market demands are but we meticulously plan everything to give tangible shape to these various demands. Following this, we manage a production setup where our flair for style & creativity takes the front seat and our end goal of customer satisfaction drives the business.

At this set up, we have furnished the following machines for boosting our creativity & productivity: 

  • Applique scaling machines
  • Attaching machines
  • Cloth cutting machines
  • Cloth measuring machines
  • Embroidery machinery
  • Garment machinery
  • Industrial sewing machine
  • Laundry dryers
  • Sewing machines

Quality Promise

Since the foundation day, we have found a purpose and we have held fast to it. This purpose was to fulfil each and every customer need with signature products and superlative service. We have always encouraged a culture of quality and inspired confidence in our team members to put in their best by adhering to strict quality management practices. Shared values of how we perceive and practice quality every day is what differentiates us from the rest today.

Below we have underlined various quality control stages that we observe – right from the stage of raw material receipt to the time we lovingly wrap each individual order.

Quality Control in Sample Section

  • Ensuring buyer specification & standard are understood in detail
  • Quality checking individual sample
  • Checking various measurements
  • Evaluating samples on fabric color, GSM, color fastness etc.
  • SPI & other parameter checking

Quality Control in Marker Making

  • Checking the notch or drill mark
  • Ensuring the fabric width is higher than the marker width
  • Ensuring the fabric length is higher than the marker length
  • Matching of the green line
  • Checking pattern size and dimension
  • Matching of checks and stripes
  • Evaluating the garments production plan
  • Cutting table length consideration
  • Pattern direction consideration

Quality Control in Fabric Spreading

  • Fabric spreading is done as per the correct alignment with marker length & the width
  • Maintaining the requirements of spreading
  • Matching of checks and stripes
  • Lay contains correct number of fabric ply
  • Correct ply direction
  • Controlling fabric splicing
  • Proper tension control

Quality Control in Fabric Cutting

  • Seeing to it that both the pattern and the cut piece have the same pattern & dimension
  • Ensuring cut edge are smooth and clean
  • Ensuring notch are cut finely
  • Ensuring drill hole are made at the proper place
  • Ensuring cut edge do not have yarn fraying
  • Avoiding blade deflection
  • Maintaining proper cutting angle
  • Employing only skilled operators

Quality Control in Sewing Section

  • Input material checking
  • Cut panel & accessories checking
  • Ensuring machine is in well condition
  • Keeping a tab on thread count
  • Checking special work like embroidery, printing panel, etc.
  • Needle size checking
  • Checking any stitching fault
  • Checking garments measurement
  • Checking seam fault
  • Checking size mistake
  • Mismatching matching of trimming
  • Checking for any kind of color variation within the cloth
  • Checking on any wrong placement of interlining
  • Checking on creased or wrinkle appearance

Quality Control in Finishing Section

  • Testing of the finished garments on measurement, spot, dirt, impurities, etc.
  • Water spot checking
  • Checking for shading variation
  • Checking pockets are neatly stitched without folds
  • In secured or broken chain or button
  • Checking for wrong fold
  • Checking on parameter of proper shape in garments
  • Checking garments are properly dried in after pressing
  • Checking for wrinkle or fold in lining
  • Get up checking
  • Collar closing
  • Side seam
  • Sleeve placket attach
  • Cuff attach
  • Bottom hem
  • Back yoke

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